March 25th-26th
Florida Polytechnic University

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Registration Starts 9:00 AM on Sat

Go to the south side of the IST to register

Opening Ceremony 11:00 AM on Sat

We will introduce the competitions and officially start hacking

Lunch 12:00 PM on Sat

Sponsored by Catapult

Team Building 12:00 PM on Sat

Need a team? We got you covered.

Hacking Starts 12:30 PM on Sat

Start working on your projects

MVP Workshop 1:00 PM on Sat

Workshop by Justin H.

Catapult Tech Talk 2:00 PM on Sat

Tech Talk given by Catapult

CESI Workshop 3:00 PM on Sat

Wokshop sponsored by Cole Engineering Services

Git Workshop 5:00 PM on Sat

Learn to git good

Dinner 6:00 PM on Sat

Sponsored by Cole Engineering Services

Cup Stacking 7:30 PM on Sat

Cup stacking with MLH

Android Workshop 9:00 PM on Sat

Learn the basics of using Android Studio

JS/React Workshop 10:00 PM on Sat

Learn the basics of using ReactJS

Bubble Wrap 11:00 PM on Sat

The holy grail of all things stress-relieving

Midnight Snack 12:00 AM on Sun

Sponsored by Florida Polytechnic

Android Security 1:00 AM on Sun

Basic intro to Android Security Workshop

Paper Plane Comp. 2:00 AM on Sun

A throwback to your middle school days, but now you won't get in trouble for it.

PB and J Stacking 3:15 AM on Sun

Pretty self-explanatory

Breakfast 8:00 AM on Sun

Sodexo breakfast sponsored by Florida Polytechnic

UAV Workshop 10:00 AM on Sun

Automated Vehicles Workshop

Devpost Submissions 11:30 AM on Sun

Have your hack submitted to devpost

Hacking Ends 12:30 PM on Sun

Hacking officially ends!

Lunch 12:30 PM on Sun

Sponsored by Florida Polytechnic

Project Demo 1:00 PM on Sun

Show off your project in the commons

Closing Ceremony 3:00 PM on Sun

The official ending for PolyHacks


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